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SWECHHA - We for Change", is an initiative with a thrust on providing young volunteers a direction and opportunity to work towards a better, socially responsible society change. "We for Yamuna" a prominent program of "SWECHHA- We for Change Foundation" is focusing on the dying river, which was and ironically still is the lifeline of Delhi. It is our endeavor to bring about a change in the attitude of people from all strata and of all ages, towards their natural habitat.

"Swechha- We for Change" is evolving as a movement- a consensus among people about the nature of society, its problems and possible ways to work towards a positive change.

We define change as a change in the attitude of the masses, a change in perceptions, a change in the environment- both social and human. As an action group we have been involved in various activities to create a better, cleaner and greener society- streetplays, photo-exhibitions, seminars, workshops, shramdaans, and relief operations.  

Please contact the ‘We For Yamuna’ team or Mr. Rajeev Singh at 4628877, ext-256/404/347 or 4629252 mail us at weforyamuna@yahoo.com

You could come visit us at : UNDP/UNV 55, Lodi Estate. New Delhi-110003 ..